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Tiger Lily Marketing

Launched: September, 2019

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The Client:

Tiger Lily Marketing is an online marketing and communications agency serving clients across Canada and around the world.

It was started by Kimothy Walker, who was a reporter and anchor with CTV News for 25 years.

The Problem:

As a new business, they were in need of a website. They needed to make it clear what the agency is about and how to contact them, and most importantly, it needed to load quickly and provide easy navigation on mobile.

The Solution:

I designed this as a one-page website because there was relatively little content, and to keep it easy to load on mobile. The navigation at the top provides anchor links to the corresponding sections, with the exception of the News tab, which opens a new page.

This website is a collaboration project with Sam Baynham Graphic Design. Sam created the logo, favicon and some of the graphics used on the site.

The logo features a tiger lily that was drawn by Kimothy’s daughter when she was a child. The tiger lily has great significance to Kimothy, as it was the nickname given to her by her father.

Client Testimonial:

Not only has Sandy Burns at Sandfire Design supported our projects with the Ottawa Board of Trade and various corporate clients, we chose Sandy to do our own website for Tiger Lily Marketing. We knew the result would be outstanding! Sandy is a delight to work with and our clients have been impressed with her professionalism, creative ideas and attention to detail. She is always on time and on budget, and works closely with us and our clients throughout the entire process. We give Sandy our highest recommendation.

Kimothy Walker

Owner, Tiger Lily Marketing

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