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Lanark Lifestyles

Launched: August, 2021

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The Client:

Lanark Lifestyles is a full-service retirement community located in picturesque Perth, Ontario. Owned by a physician and a pharmacist, it raises the standard of care for our seniors. It has a long list of amenities and features to help keep residents healthy and active, and offers everything from fully independent living through to round-the-clock care.

The Problem:

Owner Neel Chadha needed a website that would inform potential residents and their families about the facilities and its many amenities and features, as well as attract potential staff members. 

The Solution:

I designed this site to appeal to potential residents and their families by making it as easy as possible to navigate and scan the information on the site, as well as view images of current residents and the features of the retirement centre.

The Result:

The website has been an important tool to get Lanark Lifestyles known throughout the community while it was being built, and continues to be imperative to draw new residents and staff applicants. Neel is very pleased with the site.

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