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Waking Up Workplace Trainings

Launched: January, 2018

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The Client:

Waking Up Workplace Trainings is a Burnaby, BC, based company that offers online courses to supervisors and employees covering all aspects of substance use and abuse in the workplace. The training covers the laws surrounding these issues in both Canada and the United States and their courses are offered globally.

The Problem:

Owner Vijay Basdeo needed a website that would outline her courses and emphasize the importance of the training and certification to her customers.

The Solution:

I designed this website with an emphasis on the importance of proper training in regards to drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace, and the implications it could have.

This is an e-commerce site that sells courses.

Client Testimonial:

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Sandy Burns and her company, Sandfire Design. It is always somewhat risky turning over both the full design and the creation of copy for your company when you want to launch it on a new website. This can be especially difficult when you are accustomed to writing the copy yourself, but have no experience with the website.

Sandy is truly remarkable. She listens, she cares, and does a superb job of integrating all the aspects of what I wanted my new web presence to reflect about our company’s mission, and vision, as well as our products. The final design is one that I absolutely love, and am proud to have it visible on the world-wide web.

She is wonderfully easy to work with. She is flexible, and she demonstrates an incredibly high level of customer service. If you want to elevate your company’s image and appearance as a website that is responsive to today’s marketplace, you have to give her a call.


Vijay Basdeo

Owner, Waking Up Workplace Trainings

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