Another Happy Client:

Chesterville District Agricultural Society

Launched: April, 2018

Home Page

The Client:

The Chesterville District Agricultural Society plans several local events, most notably the Chesterville Fair. 

The Problem:

This volunteer-run organization was in need of a new website to promote their events, provide information to sponsors and volunteers, and connect the site to AssistExpo to display information about the winners in the fair’s agricultural competitions.

The Solution:

I designed this website with a focus on events, and on making it easy for sponsors and volunteers to contact the board.

Because the fair has such a rich history in this community, I decided to incorporate some of that history into my design with old photos.

The Result:

The Agricultural Society is very pleased with the website, and it has helped fairgoers register for events and learn more about what they can expect when they visit the fair.

Fun fact: On the home page, the third picture over called ‘Family Fun’ shows images from the 1978 Baby Show. The middle baby is me.

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