Another Happy Client:

Murray’s Honey

Launched: February, 2023

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The Client:

Murray’s Family Farm produces high quality honey products, and is located in White Lake, Ontario. They also sells bees and wax to beekeepers throughout the region. This family-run farm is a household name in Renfrew County, and their products are sold in grocery stores throughout the Ottawa Valley and in Ottawa.

The Problem:

Murray’s Honey needed a website that showcased their products and informed wholesale buyers and beekeepers of the products and services they offer. They wanted a site that could be used for e-commerce in the future.

The Solution:

This site showcases images of their products and uses the honeycomb pattern throughout to match the branding. It is set up as an e-commerce site, but with the payment portal turned off. 

The Result:

Owner Peter Murray was very happy with the website, but has since taken it down for personal reasons.

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