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North Dundas Parade of Lights

Launched: October, 2020

Home Page

The Client:

The North Dundas Parade of Lights is an annual Christmas parade that winds through Winchester on the first Saturday of December. It is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit event that features a Vendor & Trade Show during the day and the parade in the evening.

The Problem:

There was no website for this event. I have been a member of the planning committee since 2009 (and Chair since 2016), so I decided to build a website so the community could view the schedule, gallery and vendors, and have a way to contact the committee if they want to sponsor or volunteer.

The Solution:

Since this is a nighttime parade, I built the website with a dark theme, and included a Christmas feel with the colours, and gift icons in the buttons. 

I opted for longer inside pages over multiple pages to minimize data usage from loading new pages on cell phones. To help with on-page navigation, I included a ‘mini-menu’ of sections at the top of the pages with anchor links to their corresponding sections.

The Result:

The website is well used during parade time and is a source for the latest scheduling information for the community. The updated list of vendors for the Vendor & Trade Show is also a popular page on this site. The committee is happy with the site; and more importantly, the community finds it useful when they are looking for information about this popular event.

Parade Page

Vendor & Trade Show Page

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Volunteer Page

Contact Page

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