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Community Food Share

Launched: January, 2020

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The Client:

Community Food Share is a non-profit organization that distributes food and sundries from food banks in Morrisburg and Winchester, and food cupboards in Finch and Crysler to individuals and families in Dundas and Stormont Counties.

The Problem:

Their website was old, outdated and not mobile-friendly. They had also expanded their services and needed a website that could display this new information in a way that was easy to navigate. 

Most importantly, they needed to make it easy for visitors to either donate funds or reach out if they require their services.

The Solution:

I designed their new website with a focus on acquiring donations and on making it easy for those requiring their services to learn about what is offered and where, and how to go about reaching out for assistance.

The Result:

Community Food Share now has a website that is modern, easy to navigate, incorporates their locations and services in a way that is interactive and informative, and most importantly, makes it easy for visitors to donate or reach out for help.

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