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Brezach Solutions

Launched: August, 2021

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The Client:

Brezach Solutions is located in Ottawa and offers a large range of modern and functional furnishings for offices, educational institutions, and health care facilities. They work with clients to bring their vision to life while mitigating the risk involved with investing in office furniture.

The Problem:

Their website was poorly built, which not only made it impossible to perform basic content updates, but also made the site very insecure. Being on bad hosting compounded the problem and led to their site getting repeatedly hacked. They also wanted to guide the focus of the company in a slightly different direction, which called for an overhaul of their website and a switch to my hosting to ensure the new site would be safe and secure.

The Solution:

I redesigned the website with a focus on all the industries they serve, and I matched the tone and feel of the site to the sleek, modern and minimalistic design of the furniture they sell. The large professional pictures they provided offered plenty of creative leeway, and the vibrant orange in their logo offered a colourful pop against grey and white tones. 

The Result:

Brezach Solutions is very happy with their new site. They are especially pleased with the filterable gallery on the inspiration page, and the headings I wrote for them on their about page, how they tie in together to tell their story.

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