Spark Something Different!

It’s amazing what a little spark can do. With a little creativity and some TLC, your web or print project can grow into something amazing. Sandfire Design specializes in web and graphic design, writing and editing. Are you ready to spark something different?

Print Projects—With Punch!

Add some punch to your print project. From business cards to booklets and beyond, great design can make a huge difference in getting your message out. Are you ready to power up your print projects?

Powered by WordPress

Wordpress websites are everywhere, and for good reason. Limitless options, yet surprisingly simple to use, and each site can be fully customized to suit your individual needs. What are you waiting for?

Copy Editing Included

As a professional writer and editor, I can’t let a grammar or spelling mistake slip by. Besides, if your clients aren’t distracted by typos, they’ll pay more attention to your message. And isn’t that the whole point?