Collaborative Services

Working with others to bring you even more.

By working alongside a talented graphic designer and an SEO and Google Ads expert, I can offer my clients a full range of branding and online services.

Services can be done through me, or directly with my collaborative partners.

Sam Baynham Graphic Design

Sam Baynham is a talented graphic designer based in Chesterville.

She and I have collaborated on multiple projects, with her providing logo, business card and promotional material design, and myself providing the website design. View our collaborative projects here.

To reach Sam directly, visit Sam Baynham Graphic Design.

Bird's Eye Marketing

Bird’s Eye Marketing is a Kanata-based SEO and Google Ads company owned by David Bird.

David is an expert in Google Analytics, SEO and Google Ads, and can help bring your website to the top of Google searches.

To reach David directly, visit Bird’s Eye Marketing.