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The Makers Market

Launched: November 2020

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The Client:

The Makers Market was a collaborative project between myself and Sam Baynham Graphic Design. It is an e-commerce site designed to give local crafters, artisans and other vendors an online platform to sell their products. 

The Problem:

The vendors this site is meant for are ones who create their products by hand and typically sell them at local festivals, vendor shops, pop up shops, and markets. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, nearly all of these selling opportunities were cancelled in 2020. This website was created as a way of giving these vendors an opportunity to connect with their customers online.

The Solution:

The focus for this website is on the vendors and their products. I designed it specifically to make it easy for customers to search all products together, by category, or by vendor. 

Each vendor is in charge of their own ‘store’ on the site. They upload and manage their own products, set their own sales, and each has a page they can use as their website, if they want. 

The Result:

Our vendors are very pleased to have a low-cost e-commerce platform for their products, and the website was well received in the community. 

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